Popular Thanksgiving Dishes: Nutrition Info Edition

Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes Nutrition Info by the Diabetic Angels

Happy Thanksgiving from the Diabetic Angels!  We know this next week will be filled with traveling, getting together with your family, shopping, cookie baking, and most of all, spending time together during the Holiday!

So we didn’t want you to worry about Turkey Day’s carb info when you go to bolus or take an insulin shot during Thanksgiving Day dinner….so we’ve added a printable PDF version that you can save to your phone. We just ask, when sharing or pinning, please give us credit as this has taken us a lot of time to put together. :)

*Please feel free to share this! Please do not repost our content without credit to the DiabeticAngels.  If posting to tumblr, please reblog from us, @DiabeticAngels, and please do not remove our credit. We’ve worked long and hard on this, and we appreciate your honesty. :) We’ve also posted this on Pinterest!*

If you use our  Thanksgiving Carb List, please like it and comment if it helps you and your family, we love hearing your feedback!

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