DoSomething’s Non-Profit Boot Camp For Brick Award Finalists

Hi Guys!

It's Jackie writing this time about my really cool experience in the Big Apple!! Mollie and I just got back from New York City where I attended the “Do Something Non-Profit Boot Camp for Br!ck Award Finalists!!!!

Do Something AwardsThis is one trip I will never forget! I had the chance to meet 18 amazing young people who are inspired to change the world. The first day began bright and early…where were took the subway (I had never been on the subway!!!!) to the Do Something New York office, luckily I was able to get coffee first at the cool latte maker in the lobby :) Then began the Boot Camp, where we attended multiple workshops to help us improve our projects and further our cause. That was an all-day event, which included receiving advice from several very successful not-for-profit professionals!

Later, we went back to the hotel and while my Mom and my sister, Mollie, went out for delicious pizza, (and saw Charlie Gibson through a window at a restaurant!!!), I had enough time to change clothes and rush to the bus that took us to the annual 15th Anniversary Do Something Dinner. While on the bus, we were handed a script and informed that we would be a part of the dinner, okay not literally, (just kidding!). As it turned out we were the entertainment before dinner, performing a brief skit that served two purposes: to tell the audience a bit about all of our projects and to give the audience a sense of hope in our generation; there really are young people in North America who care about their communities and want to make a difference in the world. I should add that performing our skit was like being in a choir, where we passed the mic from one to another while trying to remember who is saying what…I found this VERY confusing, but it was extremely well received, and that’s what counts. In addition, that night was also a night for the finalists to network and tell successful people about their cause and hopefully inspire them to get involved in charitable events in their area. I ended up sitting at the CW Network table, who are responsible for TV shows such as Gossip Girl and Americas Next Top Model. Anyway, it was a wonderful night and we were honored to be a part of the 15th Anniversary Do Something Dinner.

This brings me to the last day, a LONG but stimulating day!!!! For me, it began with a photo-shoot for the Frito-Lay Doritos bag. This was one of the more enjoyable moments of my day, as I showed the photographers and my peers who gracefully I can trip in my dress, from one end of a room to the other and come close to destroying the set, all without a single drop of blood (now you know why my middle name is not Grace, but it was a good laugh)! As the day went on it got more serious. Each of us rotated through hours of interviews and by the end of the day we were all pretty much mentally and physically drained, but we learned too much about what was expected of us, what our projects would need to succeed and about the interviewing process.

Do Something Jackie, Avery, Zander, Chad, Mollie

Dallas, Ana, Jackie, Pat, and Mollie

Kevin, Kjerstin, Jordan, Caitlyn, Jackie, Mollie, Aria

Kjerstin, Jackie Singer, Jeremy, Mollie, Antonio, Ana, Kathryn, Chad, Adam

All in all, there were highs and lows, good times and trying times to this trip, but the hardest part for me was that I hardly saw my twin sister, my partner in our project, the Diabetic Angels, we both know it was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to improve the Diabetic Angels, and for this we are forever grateful…Thanks, Do Something! :) Well, thanks for reading my blog on my DS trip! I plan on re-applying next year for the Do Something Awards, and will definitely keep you all updated on what happens with the Diabetic Angels :) In the meantime, here are just a few pictures from NYC! :)

Jackie J. Singer

P.S. For further information, you can read more about DoSomething and the 2008 Finalists!

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