CNN/HLN Honors MJ2 as Breakthrough Women - Segment to Air

“Breakthrough Women” dates and air times are as follows: (air times are EST) 
Thursday, October 13, 2011
Times: between 8:30-9:00 AM & 2:30-3PM (EST)
Friday, October 14, 2011
Times: between 7:00-8:00 PM (EST)
Saturday, October 15, 2011
Times: between 1:30-2PM (EST)
Sunday, October 16, 2011
Times: between 10:30-11:00 AM & 1:30-2PM (EST)

*Please note the air times are listed in Eastern Time!!*

Click this link to view the segment online on HLN’s Website:

'Diabetic Angels' offer help and support - Click to play!

The “Diabetic Angels” are made up of two sets of identical twins who have set out to support people with diabetes and educate everyone. It all started when one of the angels was un-invited from a 4th-grade party because the mom hosting the event thought that ‘diabetics were a hassle.’

Since then the Angels have done speaking engagements, launched a website and are even SINGING to get their message out and raise money for a cure.

To learn more, visit their website:

Meet all of our Morning Express with Robin Meade ”Breakthrough Women.”

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We just want to follow up on the special segment filmed by CNN/HLN honoring MJ2 (aka…Mollie and Jackie and Mollie and Jackie) as, “Breakthrough Women!”

As some of you know, CNN recently filmed MJ2for HLN’s series, ‘Breakthrough Women,’ which will air for four days this week, beginning Thursday October 13th, through Sunday, October 16th, exclusively on HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade.This segment will also be seen on the Internet at: on MJ2’s website,

CNN is recognizing MJ2 for their advocacy and fundraising efforts on behalf of diabetes research, as well as, for their music, in particular MJ2 ‘s Celebrity Single, “You Can’t Say Love Enough”featuring Dolly Parton, Lee Greenwood, Wayne Newton and many more artists. This song is currently available on iTunes and all of the net proceeds, from the sale of the Celebrity Single, are being donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, on behalf of MJ2’s organization the Diabetic Angelsand MJ2’s producer, Dennis Money and his record labelSweetsong Nashville.

This segment, although short, is a powerful tribute to MJ2 for their contributions to the diabetes community and the music industry.

MJ2 Filmed by CNN for a segment of Breakthrough Women that will exclusively air on HLN. 

On Wednesday, September 7, 2011, CNN/HLNand ‘MORNING EXPRESS’ with Robin Meade, sent a producer and cameraman to our home in Las Vegas, NV, to film and interview MJ2for CNN’s special segment, “Breakthrough Women”…WHAT AN HONOR!

It all started a few weeks ago, when we received a surprise phone call from CNN explaining that they were researching MJ2, regarding our music and years of volunteer work to raise diabetes awareness and funds for medical research. CNN explained that they were interested in us for a special segment entitled, 'Breakthrough Women,’ hosted by Robin Meade of HLN’s Morning Express. About a week after that conversation we received another call telling us that the four members of MJ2 had been selected as 'Breakthrough Women!’

CNN focused on the Diabetic Angels, our global online community founded by the four members of MJ2, truly a wonderful resource for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics. CNN was equally interested in our music and our new album, ‘You Can’t Say Love Enough.’ With the help of Dennis Money, our producer and president of the record label 'Sweetsong Nashville,’ we arranged to have the net proceeds, from the sale of the ‘Celebrity’ Single, which is the title track from the album, donated from the Diabetic Angels, MJ2 and Sweetsong Nashville, to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

This is pretty much the 'back story,’ as to why CNNwas at our home in Las Vegas and since many of our fans have asked us what was going on, we decided to write about this amazing experience! So…here is the pictorial Low-Down’ - an account of our incredible day, beginning with the four of us just prior to the interview!

Our morning began much earlier then normal, 6:00 AM…yikes! We got a quick bite to eat and one by one rushed to hair and make-up, praying that Araceli, our make-up artist would work wonders. We needed her to conceal those dark circles one gets, when they’ve only had four hours of sleep, because they were so excited they were up half the night! Somehow everyone finished on time and we anxiously waited to greet the CNN producer and cameraman.

As usual, meeting the four of us (two sets of red-headed twins), can be overwhelming, especially when all the members of MJ2 are named Mollie or Jackie and this morning’s meet and greet with Linda, the CNN producer, and Beau, the cameraman, was no exception. The bewildered look on their faces said it all! Luckily, both Linda and Beau had a good sense of humor and we successfully moved past the, “Who is who” routine that twins are so accustomed to. Linda began preparing for the interview and Beau secured our microphones.

Over the years we’ve been interviewed many times, but somehow it never gets old. As a matter of fact, we still have the jitters prior to an interview, especially a network interview and the trick is to remain focused and maintain control…NOT! :]

Even though being interviewed can be unnerving, especially when we don’t know where or when we might be thrown a curve ball, we try to maintain a sense of humor and enjoy the moment… Mollie J’s motto is smile, smile, and then smile some more! :]

Oh My Gosh…what a thrill! We were so fortunate to have not one but two exciting experiences on the same day! First CNN interviews us and spends the day following us around, then we spent a good part of the afternoon at the state of the art STUDIO at the PALMS, in the Palms Casino Resort, recording the vocal tracks for our next single, “If We Were Big and Rich"…THANKS ZOE! No wonder all the stars record there, this studio is awesome, truly world class!

A world-class recording studio that caters to all artists…known and unknown!Studio at the Palms

However, Studio at the Palms reputation as the ‘go to’ recording studio in the West is only surpassed by their love for Las Vegas and commitment to the community, which is how we met Zoe Thrall and had the privilege of recording and filming at Studio at the Palms.
MJ2 with Zoe Thrall at Studio at the Palms

We offer our deepest thanks to Zoe Thrall and her amazing staff, for their kindness, generosity and especially for helping to facilitate a wonderful day. Everyone involved in the shoot was thrilled with the professionalism shown the CNN camera crew and MJ2, but like all good things our special day came to an end, so we gathered up our equipment, gave and received some very special hugs and said hasta luego (MJ2 never say good bye)!
MJ2 with their Daisy Rock guitars at Studio at the Palms

We left the Studio at the Palms, with our Daisy Rock Guitars slung across our backs, but we didn’t look back rather we focused on the future…a future that includes the next time we record at the legendary Studio at the Palms!

It’s rare that the four members of MJ2 aren’t interviewed at the same time, but CNN decided to split up the ‘sets’ of twins, interviewing one person from each set, for the morning interview and the other twin from each set for the late afternoon interview. The funny thing is the audience frequently finds it more confusing when the sets of twins are split up, than when the four of us are interviewed together. In the end, there’s no way MJ2 isn’t going to be confusing to someone and in this case, the audience probably thinks the same two people did both interviews, but changed clothes! :-) haha!


One of the primary reasons CNN selected us as, “Breakthrough Women,” is because the members of MJ2 founded the Diabetic Angels, (@diabeticangels) a global online community intended to be a user-friendly resource, for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. In this picture CNN is filming MJ2 in a meeting about the Diabetic Angels, with Mollie J. and Jackie J. on the computers.

The Diabetic Angelsfocus on empowering diabetics and giving them, their families and friends important information, intended to help them manage their diabetes with confidence. The Diabetic Angels also teach members and visitors to their website how to be their own best advocate and how to raise diabetes awareness and funds for medical research. Additionally, the Diabetic Angelsstress the significance of NOT allowing oneself to become a victim of the disease…diabetes is not who you are, it’s what you have!

A very special thank you to Metro Pizza, who was kind enough to accommodate the needs of MJ2 and CNN’s film crew.

imageThank goodness for METRO PIZZA! (Thanks Sam and John!) After a long day of filming, everyone was starving and Metro Pizza made us the best pizza in town! If you look closely you’ll notice that’s where we are, @metropizzaon E. Tropicana Ave. in Las Vegas, having been served by our favorite waiter/screenwriter Ryan…can you figure out which one of us is Ryan! (More on Metro Pizza coming soon!) :]

                       Mollie, Mollie J, Linda, Beau, Jackie J., and Jackie!

It’s a shame that all good things must come to an end, but we finally completed what turned out to be an exciting and moving day! Thank you CNN!!! We truly appreciate you shining a spotlight on the Diabetic Angels, our musicand on our song, ‘You Can’t Say Love Enough,’ the celebrity single that is helping raise funds for diabetes research!

          Mollie, Mollie J., Jacqi Hammel, Jackie J., Elizabeth Hammel, and Jackie

A special thank you to Diabetic Angel and all around remarkable young woman, Jacqi Hammel and her mom Elizabeth Hammel, for participating in the CNN interview and explaining how the Diabetic Angels impact Jacqi’s life.

There are no words to express our gratitude to Dennis Money, our dearest friend, producer/manager and the President of Sweetsong Nashville recording label. Dennis is the man who has always encouraged and believed in MJ2, even to the point that he flew to Las Vegas from Nashville to oversee and assist MJ2 throughout the interview.

We hope all of you enjoyed going behind-the-scenes with MJ2, as they were interviewed by CNN. Please check MJ2’s website and twitter (@mj2twins) for updates on when ’Breakthrough Women’ will air on Morning Express with Robin Meade.

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